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Instead of keeping track of your friendly ECLECTIC wager using a white board or a spreadsheet rGolf provides a very user friendly, online system to keep track of this for your group. Your group can be as big or as small as you wish. The benefit of rGolf is that it keeps the ECLECTIC results up to date and makes all the results available to ALL MEMBERS. Using any device with an inernet browser, such as SmartPhones.

The LeaderBoard shows the result of the last Competition for which cards have been entered into the System. Each COMP. (Competition) defines a specific 9-hole Courses. These can be from different Golf Courses. Each Golf Course has a number of 9-hole Courses. If a Comp or Game consists of 18 holes then that would be recoded in rGolf as two 9-hole comps. with the handicapsplit accordingly.

An ECLECTIC Comp. defines a date range and 1 to 3 9-hole courses. Members are then regisered for that ECL (Eclectic Comp.) The entry of the scorecards, after each round, has been made as quick and easy as possible and any number of members can be given access to Comp and scorecard entry process.

ECL Leaderboard:

Under the latest Comp. Result is a Menu which enables any Guest to display the Status of the current ECL Competition. There are buttons which allow selection of results in Agregate Score (Best score on EACH OF THE 9 HOLES ON THAT COURSE) or ECL_Nett which is the Agregate Score modified by the latest handicap for that member.

Additional Menues and Services are available to Group officials
If you would like to form a group of your own please contact us. Contact information in page footer.

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